The Ultimate Hookah Experience!
Hail Hookah strives to provide the ultimate hookah experience. From our Michigan maize and blue d├ęcor to our rustic brick walls, have a seat in one of our spacious booths and feel right at home.
Existing business members of the Ann Arbor community, we aim for the utmost excellence of service during every encounter, as customer service is our first priority. With a fresh new take on the traditional, we offer quality fruits that replace the original clay bowl. This type of hookah allows for a smoother smoking experience.
Here in Ann Arbor, we provide only the best quality tobacco to our hookah lovers. Our hookah mixologists will blend any flavors you prefer, or, sit back and let them blow your mind with one of their famous mixes.
Come by any time during our convenient hours. Stop in during the day in between classes for some quiet study time or on your lunch break to get some work done in our accommodating environment. Get lost in your own clouds, yet stay connected with our high-speed wi-fi.
Bring your friends to join our friends in the evenings for a good time. Enjoy our jukebox and photo booth entertainment which provides instant access to a gazillion songs and allows you to upload pictures straight to the web! With 14 HD TVs, we promise that you won’t miss any sporting event during your hookah session.


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1637 S Main St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104